What is your Birthstone?


Garnet january birthstone
garnet january birthstone

January Birthstone

"Stone of Health"

Extracts negative energy from the chakras. Stone of commitment. Enhances devotion, warmth and understanding.


February Birthstone

"Stone of Healing"

Heals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Protects against psychic attacks. Opens and activates Crown Chakra.

February birthstone amethyst
February birthstone amethyst
Aquamarine  March Birthstone
Aquamarine March Birthstone


March Birthstone

"Stone of Courage and Grief"

All purpose self-healer. Calms nerves, enhances communication, and soothes emotions in times of fear and grief. Invokes peace and tolerance. Useful for deep meditation


Aprils Birthstone

A symbol of purity, the Diamond's pure white light helps to bring our lives into a cohesive whole. It brings love and clarity into partnerships, bonding relationships. Diamond is a sign of commitment and fidelity, and instills trust to relationships and situations.

april birthstone diamond earrings
diamond earrings april Birthstone
Emerald  May Birthstone
Emerald May Birthstone


May Birthstone

"Stone of Successful Love"

Attracts wealth and prosperity. Opens and activates the Heart Chakra. Promotes fidelity and domestic peace.


June Birthstone

"Stone of Sincerity"

Brings truth to situations. Enhances personal integrity and facilitates spiritual advancement. Good for digestion.

 Pearl  June Birthstone
Pearl June Birthstone
rubys July Birthstone
Rubys July Birthstone


July Birthstone

"Stone of Nobility"

Stimulates Heart Chakra. Brings spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge, and wealth. Helps one take on more responsibility.


August Birthstone

Stimulates the heart. Brings openess and acceptance in the intellectual pursuit of love and
relationships. Helps one in recognizing the detrimental parterns of one's life so that growth can
occur. Heals a bruised ego by lessening anger or jealousy

sapphire september birthstone
sapphire september birthstone


September birthstone

"Stone of Prosperity"

Fulfills dreams and desires. Rids one of unwanted thoughts. Brings joy and peace; eliminates frustration.


October Birthstone

"Stone of Happy Dreams"

Improves personal and business relationships; stimulates crown chakra; provides deep mental clarity; instills faith in love.

Opal October birthstone
Opal October Birthstone
Citrine November Birthstone
Citrine November Birthstone


November Birthstone

“The Merchant Stone”

A stone of prosperity, helps gain and maintain wealth. Does not need to be cleanse

Blue Topaz

December Birthstone

"Stone of True Love and Success in All Endeavors"

Promotes creativity and individuality. Replaces negativity with love, peace and joy.

blue topaz December Birthstone
blue Topaz December birthstone