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New Service!

The Other Kind of Jewelry Store is now set up
to arrange and conduct
Estate Sales.

For further information please contact:
Lynn Lake at 703-777-9339.


We are a full service, upscale pawn and retail shop..one like no other you have ever seen.  We have a beautiful store that makes you feel as though you have just walked into your own home.  Our name is The Other "Kind" of Jewelry Store for a reason.  Our staff is trained to treat everyone with "kindness."  We pride ourselves in being compassionate and sympathetic to everyone's wants and needs.
Our interest rates are low on loans and we pay more for items than most shops.  We take any item that we feel we can sell and has value such as jewelry, musical instruments, antiques and more. .
We change watch batteries, clean jewelry, and do jewelry repair for a minimal cost.
WE HAVE A NEW WHIMSICAL AREA!  It's our feel good area.  Sage, crystal healing stones and more!
At The Other Kind of Jewelry Store, we sell NEW and second hand merchandise.  We have candles, cards and collectibles.  We sell beautiful jewelry, stones that are large, small and some you may never have seen before.  You never know what you will find here! 
So..come by and visit to see what wonderful things we have to offer.  You will want to come back again and again! 


Store Hours

Monday - Friday
10:00 am - 7:00 pm

10:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Musical Instruments

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Phone:  703-777-9339

E-mail:  store@theotherkindofjewelrystore.com

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